Escaping the Cynical Narrative – Tadeus Prospero

Diogenes Searching for an Honest Man

The world we live in has always been this way, and will always be the same. There is no point in trying to change anything as every aspect of our experience in this reality is determined by factors we cannot control. It doesn’t matter if we see the lies, the cracks in the system, the fallacies or the utmost injustice we are exposed to every day, we wont make the difference, there is nothing we can do, the system is engineered to neutralize idealists.

This, along with an extensive list of myths and paranoid assumptions is the narrative we are indoctrinated with as we begin to enter the realm of thought and critical thinking.

It is a well known speech in many discussions of political, economical or ideological themes, and it is often taken as valid and indisputable, since the argument wielder is pointing to a wrong that has not been righted, and seems as though it never will be. This is often the case when the topic includes liberty, peace, reform, the general well-being of peoples across the globe, and any structural change that is considered beneficial for the many and detrimental for the few.

Arguments range between government conspiracies, corporate cartels, ruling oligarchies, and other nefarious constructions of antagonistic legend. A kind of Golem made out of the status quo and an evil bureaucracy, that haunts every dream of reform and change anyone has ever had. This construct of the collective imagination is not lifeless, and most importantly, has a soul of its own.

It would be foolish to underestimate the elements that give it a soul, as they obviously have power, but where this power originates is what this reasoning is attempting to disclose. And it ironically resides in the beholder’s belief system. It is a subliminal colonization of the unconscious mind, conquered by repetition and peer pressure starting in young age and developing throughout the individual’s formation of character.

Stress-testing the narrative

It is important to give this narrative a relevant context.

Protests in Hong-Kong

The political upheaval in many parts of the world which have followed the commands of this Golem, is attempting to change the discourse of the “moral majority” that relays its subliminal message to every individual and recycles the process of indoctrination. This time around, the masses have reacted to the garbage they have been fed for generations, and there is no geographical difference. The lie is out in the open, and the only alternative they have is to revolt.

Revolts in Chile

The cynics will say this is only temporary, that when these countries finally reach a new social contract, or when their overlords throw them a few bones, this will all be over and things will get back to how they were. Or worse, they will accomplish the ultimate cynical argument, the one that states that our flawed and unequal social structure is the only possible scenario in these conditions, and that any change to it would result in a cataclysm, or that it will somehow be worse than what we have now.

But this time it is different.

There is no more kicking the stone further down the road. We’re reaching the end of a cycle, and many times across history the turning point was never foreseen, some exogenous agent not taken into consideration suddenly causes a chain reaction, and in a few moments the situation has escalated and it becomes irreversible.

Execution of Louis XVI

In eighteenth-century France this was put to practice. What is always underestimated is the development of events and the far reaching effects that symbolic acknowledgements have over the collective imaginary. It erupted as a consequence of famine and instability for large parts of the population, which led to widespread protest and revolt, which turned into looting, and a total disruption of law and order. But not one of the participants of this ancient tradition of human societies dared imagine the outcome of the Storming of the Bastille. As always, the subterranean impulses gather momentum, and when they are unleashed, their magnitude is disproportional and overwhelming.

Let it come as a reminder to those proponents of inequality, oppression and surveillance, for every effort they make to suppress, there will be three-fold in retaliation.

Learning from the past

The lessons history has taught the observer through its cyclical reminiscence are not to be ignored. It is crucial if we wish for a better outcome of a similar series of events from that of the past. The powers that be play these cycles as the common individual does, but with the advantage of insight and knowledge of how they played out in the past. The french revolution marked the end of the cycle for the monarchy, and gave way to the laissez-faire economies of the nineteenth and twentieth century, keeping the power in the hands of the financiers that had gained it mostly in that time. They were wise enough to adapt to the coming change, and they have been doing so for the last two centuries.

Today we are serfs to a new master, corporations and oligopolies have taken hold of the power of governments, and instruct our supposed representatives on how to make legislation friendly to their interests.

The new revolution is brewing up, and it is our duty to apply a new approach to the disruption of the old cycle, and bring about the new one on the foundations of a decentralized and unbreakable system of trust-less consensus, which can harness an egalitarian and just future, ruled by the people and for the people. Starting with the monetary standard, down to our political process of organization, legislation and funding.

Another way in which Bitcoin and blockchain technology has become a thorn on the side of the elites. And it must be held as the banner of the change needed in our current environment. But with it alone it is not enough. The main disadvantage will always remain the cultural influence that this minority managed to exert on the majority. It is only through education and self-determination that this task will be completed.

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