5 Motivational Startups – Reaz Hoque

Here’s a list of 5 unique and revolutionary startups that are providing innovative services in their segments:

This app promotes the financial wellbeing of employees and grants them liberty in spending their salary according to their needs. The app allows the employees to, meanwhile, earn money on their investments.

I believe that the Hastee app can perform even better in the upcoming days due to the unique features being offered by it.

Pleo is working on a unique idea that works on the principle that instead of getting your salary transferred to your bank account, why not have it instantly transferred to your company’s ID card? This card can then be used at ATM machines, retailers, local banks, restaurants, and even service stations.

Pleo believes that the concept can revolutionize lives by bringing convenience to lives. It further believes that the concept is a win-win situation for both employers and employees as it gives companies the ability to track the spending pattern of their employees and thus can offer them better discount deals. Whereas in return employees derive the benefit of being able to earn a share of the revenue earned by their companies.

I believe that Pleo is a good initiative and is beneficial for both parties thus it can have a good future.

Securitize is a blockchain-enabled organization that allows traders the ability to trade in private companies using solutions that are trusted globally. It is a secure platform that offers high-quality experience for investors. The company has received more than $26 million in funding and carries the aim of becoming one of the largest US marketplaces.

As the blockchain market is already flourishing, we think Securitize has the potential to grow.

Radpay, being an online payment solution assists the customers in quickly paying for their purchases and this leads to a reduced number of cash abandonments. Through a combination of browser plugin, mobile apps, pre-configured eCommerce cart plug-ins, credit card terminal apps and application programming interfaces, Radpay ensures secure transactions for merchants. The platform provides an ideal solution for merchants who are tired of the existing payment solutions that charge very high fees and provide substandard services.

Apropos above, I believe that Radpay is a revolutionary payment system that can grow in the future

BUTTON Wallet is a startup that offers users the ability to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies with the help of an App that provides complete control to users who want to trade on the go.

The platform is secure and quick. It allows users to trade with their friends or even strangers while using the same payment system.

I believe that the app is a nice addition to the cryptocurrency market as it grants more freedom to investors.

Source: Crypto New Media


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