SmartAssets Fund

SmartAssets Fund

Diversified Impact Fund

Investment Philosophy

In line with our broader Vision and Mission the SmartAssets’ Fund centers around a diversified portfolio of Impact Projects across a range of verticals. The overarching theme that connects all investments is their contribution to the actualization of The New Paradigm created by SmartMinds. To this end, we have strategically curated a portfolio of investments that fit under each of the 21 key elements to maximize the impact on a global scale.

While the triple bottom line serves as a core component of any investment that we consider, we believe the path to achieving this comes from the emergence of cutting edge frontier technology and newly evolved socio-economic models. Including the tokenization of assets with distributed ledger technology, vertically integrated IoT supply chain logistics, conscious AI, and breakthrough resonance technology, and beyond, we seek to not only innovate and reinvent old industries but to birth new models and systems with the common good as the core focus.

Attributes of the

SmartAssets Fund

At SmartAssets, we believe that incremental improvements to existing structures will not allow the world to rejuvenate at the rate at which is required. Instead, we must develop new systems and paradigms that render the old ones obsolete. This is a cornerstone of our holistic approach.

Above all else, however, we ensure that our core values are represented in every decision that we make, that directly impact every company, project, and initiative that we manage. It is our intention to cultivate long lasting relationships with our partners and clients. 

To also mobilize a global network of like-minded visionaries with the common goal of restoring balance to the world’s ecosystem through conscious investing and sustainable practices.

Diversification & Services

Balance in variety, dynamic adaptability, strategic purpose, long term perspective, optimized decision making, clarity through research, community driven collective intelligence, common good protocol are some of the drivers that guides the direction and management of the fund.

Asset Classes

SmartAssets Tokenized Asset Fund

Registered through the Estonian financial regulator, providing access to the global digital asset market.

Real Estate investment

Commercial and residential projects which offer long-term high yields and portfolio balance.

Interactive Marketplace

Trading solutions where orders are placed and matched in real time across multiple assets and markets.

Green & Sustainable Energy

Investments into common good projects around the globe. Powering the planet through clean technology.

Impact Investing

Supporting communities for social and environmental impact along with trackable ROI.

Smart Labs Incubator

Community-led accelerators where startups can grow their ideas and bring them to life.

Earth Ledger Global Alliance

A percentage of all SA profits will be invested into the restoration of our environment.

Cryptocurrency Mining

Solutions which utilize waste to resources generation to benefit the environment and provide mining power.

SmartSolutions Consultancy

Consultancy for communities to install innovative socio-economic models and smart city solutions.

Working With Us

Investment Process

Period & Entry
Investment Periods
12+ months
Entry levels
$100,000+ entry
Management Participation
1% Entry Fee

2% Advisory Fee

Applied at end of investment period

1% Exit Fee

20% Performance Fee

Applied at end of investment period

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