Blog: My Top 3 Masternode Coins For Earning Steady Cryptocurrency

Individuals and businesses that invest in cryptocurrencies all share the same goal; to grow wealth and generate a steady flow of income. This can be achieved through numerous avenues including cryptocurrency trading bots, mining, or masternodes. I am going to assume that, by now, most active cryptocurrency traders know what masternodes are but, if you do not, here is a great rundown on what a masternode is.


Masternode investing requires large amounts of capital however there are numerous companies bridging the capital gap for investors by crowdfunding masternodes. This strategy allows for multiple people to buy into a masternode and earn a smaller slice of the node’s payout over time. This allows multiple investors to carry less risk while earning steady additional cryptocurrency. Knodin Technologies is pioneering masternode crowdfunding using blockchain technology.

There are a ton of projects out there 98% of which are probably useless scam coins. That being said, there are some masternode coins that are stable, functional, and provide a great steady form of cryptocurrency income. Everyone should be on the lookout for a project that seems too good to be true. Nevertheless, from the long list of coins I have found, researched, and sifted through, here are my top 5 Masternode coins for this quarter.


My Top 3 Masternode Coin Picks For Q3 2018


DASH is a very popular, highly valued cryptocurrency that ranks in the top 15 coins on CMC. DASH pioneered the masternode framework and the functionality behind masternodes including, but not limited to, InstantSend, PrivateSend, and blockchain governance. DASH is the biggest masternode coin in the market and, for the most part, a tried and true project. Although the masternode will run you upwards of $200,000, it is the industry leader. DASH masternodes generate about $270 USD per week.

2. Blocknet

Blocknet is, in a manner of speaking, the internet of blockchain. They have self proclaimed that however the Blocknet protocol is a truely peer-to-peer protocol that operates between different blockchains and nodes. The project seeks to open the door to cross chain applications and uses masternodes as its framework for POS management. Each Blocknet masternode generates about $120 USD per week.



ZOIN is a privacy focused coin that uses the zerocoin protocol. The coin’s masternodes are known as Zoinodes and are used to facilitate instasend transactions. The ZOIN coin also features dedicated transaction processing. I like this masternode because you don’t have to invest $40,000+ to get in on the steady earnings and the project is still solid. The masternode generates about $7 USD per week which is far lower than my other picks but with far lower costs.


These are my top masternode coin picks for this quarter. Do with this information what you will but overall I think these are the most promising projects in the space right now.


These picks are not investment advice nor do they reflect the opinion of Knodin Technologies. This article is of my own volition.


Source: Crypto New Media


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