Function X, as the First Sophisticated Smartphone Provider with Blockchain Technology

Smartphone is one of the communication tools that have been used by the wider community today. Where with technological sophistication, smartphones can be used more freely, even can be one of the fulfillment of human needs. In addition, the smartphone has also been equipped with various advanced features that can be accessed only by using internet services and installing certain applications on the user’s smartphone, so that it can be used in accordance with the wishes of the users. Along with the development of smartphone technology is also said to satisfy the style of the user, which is evidenced by the many users who buy branded smartphones at maximum prices, even though when viewed further the smartphone also has the same function as smartphones in general, which only have insignificant differences.

Of course, because of the millennial lifestyle requirements that encourage companies to produce smartphones with advanced features without thinking about the quality of the smartphone. So that there are still many parts of smartphone products currently that are easily damaged, which is different from smartphones that were produced earlier with high quality and not easily damaged. In addition, the various applications used by users will automatically fulfill the smartphone’s internal storage, moreover each application requires an update so that it will use a lot of storage media. Where this will result in users having to replace their smartphone with a smartphone that has internal storage or Random Access Memory (RAM) is greater.

Users do not need to replace the smartphone every time the users ‘RAM is full, which now comes with the Blockchain technology X platform which will provide a solution to users’ complaints. Where the platform is a platform that can provide smartphone products with advanced technology, large storage and can be designed according to the tastes of the users. In addition, the platform will also become a modern Blockchain internet in the future, where by using the internet, every application, image, data, bit and byte on the internet will be decentralized.

So that with a decentralized system it will automatically stop various acts of crime that are rife in the era of the traditional internet today. Why is the traditional internet so often hacked or hacked by irresponsible technology activists? Where this can happen because the system used by the internet today can be seen directly by the client-server, so that it will make it easier for hackers to tap HTTP and DNS. Of course this is the problem for users, which users do not have full security when using the internet network.

Therefore, Function X is present as a solution provider for every problem that is happening to the services provided by ordinary smartphones, such as limited storage and smaprthones that are easily damaged. Where Function X will issue a product called Blok On Blok (BOB), which is the first smartphone model released by Function X, so it can be designed according to the wishes of the users, and also has Snapdragon 660 specifications, 6 GB + 64 GB. Not only that, BOB will also be equipped with dual mode, which with dual mode users can switch from Blockchain phones to Android OS easily and can be accessed quickly. In addition, the smartphone will also be equipped with a design inspired by the Retro-Futuristic Sci-fi design which will be combined with the technological sophistication of the front like avant-garde.

Not only that, BOB will also be equipped with a MOD kit assembly, which includes the core components of smartphones, such as the Motherboar, display screen, buttons, some audio speakers, 3D images that will complement the design of the user to become more real. In addition, to facilitate the users in assembling BOB smartphones, the Function X platform will complete a video tutorial about the assembly.

Smartphones can also have a negative impact on users, which is a bad impact born of the convenience offered by smartphones. Where one of them makes the user become a person who has a high level of laziness because it is spoiled with a variety of technological sophistication, so that it will cause slowly blunt one’s creativity. Therefore, the use of BOB can hone the creativity of the users without reducing the sophistication of the technology used.

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Source: Crypto New Media

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