SmartAssets Fund

SmartAssets Fund

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SmartAssets Fund

The emergence of SmartAssets came as a result of the current global financial landscape and its impact thereof. We have built a long term investment strategy which focuses on security, value and sustainability, while offering a wide range of services and diversification opportunities.

The values which we abide by along with our investment criteria allows us to carefully navigate the global investment marketplace by making educated decisions while maintaining profitability within the fund as well as keeping our clients best interest at heart.

SmartAssets Services

Fund Services

Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

A secure and flexible way to trade cryptocurrencies through peer-2-peer trading.

OTC Trading

Private OTC services with reduced exposure to market fluctuations in large transactions.

Enterprise-level cold storage

Dedicated cold storage facilities. Scalable multi-asset systems that are held offline for maximum security.

Fiat Gateway

Hold, transfer and convert fiat into Crypto through a licensed gateway and user-friendly interfaces.

Escrow Services

A transparent and efficient way to conduct business by issuing transactions via SmartContract.

Digital ID and Verification

Many levels of verification are available to secure client accounts with biometric access to your data.

SA Tokenized Crypto Fund

Gain access to the cryptocurrency market and invest in future technology.

Trading Platform

The client cabinet allows you to effectively manage assets and receive market news.

Consultancy Services

We ensure open communication, education, and support in all aspects of blockchain-based investing.

Diversification Opportunities

We create balance through variety. Dynamic adaptability and a long-term perspective optimize the decision-making process of when, where and why we invest. We attain clarity of opportunity through extensive resources and research along with a core team of experienced market professionals managing the fund.

Asset Classes

SA Tokenized Crypto Fund

Registered through the Estonian financial regulator, providing access to the global cryptocurrency market.

Real Estate investment

Commercial and residential projects which offer long-term high yields and portfolio balance.

Interactive Marketplace

Trading solutions where orders are placed and matched in real time across multiple assets and markets.

Cryptocurrency Mining Solutions

Waste to resources generation which cleans up the environment and provides mining power.

Impact Investing

Supporting communities for social and environmental impact along with trackable ROI.

Smart Labs Incubator

Community-led accelerators where startups can grow their ideas and bring them to life.

Earth Ledger Global Alliance

A percentage of all SA profits will be invested into the restoration of our environment.

Green & Sustainable Energy

Investments into common good projects around the globe. Powering the planet through clean technology.

SmartSolutions Consultancy

Consultancy for communities to install innovative socio-economic models and smart city solutions.

Working With Us

Investment Process

Period & Entry
Investment Periods
12+ months
Entry levels
$100,000+ entry
Management Participation
1% Entry Fee

2% Advisory Fee

Applied at end of investment period

1% Exit Fee

20% Performance Fee

Applied at end of investment period

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