Fusion to Open-Source New Release of Cross-Chain Exchange/Custody Tech

The Fusion Foundation, the overseers of the Fusion blockchain, announced that the latest version of its DCRM (Distributed Control Rights Management System) will be released next week as an open-source implementation. DCRM is a cryptographic technology that enables various digital assets to be mapped on and off the Fusion blockchain seamlessly and securely. DCRM is a complete interoperability and bridge solution that is decentralized, efficient and secure.

The Fusion Foundation released numerous versions of its cross-chain system since its ICO, gradually transforming theoretical proof into a usable piece of technology.

DCRM 5.0

DCRM 5.0 offers the core functionality of Threshold Signature Scheme (TSS) in a flexible module that can be integrated into any on-chain or off-chain workflow, while allowing organizations to prescribe their own limits and applications of decentralization. It also incorporates efficiencies over prior versions for consensus, reducing finality from hours (even days, in edge cases) to minutes.

The latest DCRM release provides access to decentralized custody, efficient settlement/trading networks, dark pools, keyless wallets, practical alternatives to multi-signature offerings, and more.


The DCRM SDK, which packages TSS into its two most important endpoints 1) distributed key generation (used to hold assets) and 2) distributed transaction signature (used to send assets), soft-launched in late October. Users can experiment either in Fusion’s sandbox as 1-of-3 nodes in a private group, or their own sandbox where they have full control on who runs the nodes.

“Community members have already started exploring applications ranging from trustless key recovery solutions to permissioned access to sensitive files, and we are looking forward to sharing updates on these community-led projects in the coming weeks. The Foundation still believes in a vision of decentralized finance and is constantly working to get us closer to that vision. However, it understands also that the step to decentralized finance cannot be taken as one big leap. It requires various smaller steps to help the world first understand and second get comfortable with not just new technology, but completely new ways of thinking and operating. With DCRM 5.0, Fusion is providing a step towards the future with a crucial interoperable solution in a module designed to help businesses adopt and innovators to build.”
– The Fusion Foundation Team

As mentioned, the Foundation is planning for the week of November 25th to release DCRM 5.0. For now, the DRCM SDK is being continuously improved and updated on Github.


Source: Crypto New Media


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