Sessia Readiness to Expand to International Markets

Many steps must be taken by various types of platforms based on blockchain technology. This starts from the selection of the types of projects that are potential to be developed, both in the present and sustainable. Sustainable development makes the founders and teams always have to look at the development of the world economy and technology. Same is the case with Sessia, which is currently in the ICO sale period. Where at the first sale stage Sessia managed to raise funds of 3,000,000 USD.

In accordance with planning, after passing the stage of ICO sales. Sessia will allocate the sales funds for the next Sessia development project. This step is done by collaborating with a number of potential traders in Moscow, Hong Kong, New York and Dubai. As we know, these four countries’ economic activities are filled with people from all over the world. So automatically, the cooperation that is established with these four countries, proves that Sessia has already expanded the company to the world level. If we study, Sessia chose Moscow as the European market, Hong Kong as the Asian market, New York as the American market and Dubai as the Middle East market. Up to this stage we can see how Sessia has systematically arranged its market segmentation very well.

In general, we can see that with technological sophistication, people who are in the Asian market always follow the European and American market trends. The same is true for other Sessia market segments. Therefore, the teams will continue to work together in creating a number of innovations to bring Sessia closer to people’s daily lives.

Facilities and infrastructure provided. It is also one of the ways given by Sessia to create a more modern and systematic online trading system. Because the Sessia trading system is a collaborative project between e-commerce and social media. Where with this collaboration, users no longer need to move from one platform to another platform that has a different function. Design or container provided by Sessia to offer various types of products. Make users can judge that this is a very professional online trading system. Because with Sessia the sellers and buyers can enjoy communication facilities, such as “chat” and “video call”. And can access financial reports that have been recapitulated by Sessia.

After carrying out a different concept, namely by collaborating the concepts of e-commerce and social media. Currently Sessia also launches a number of business strategies that will make users not think twice about joining Sessia. We analogize, if you as user 1 share proof of payment, then user 1 has the right to get cashback from store A. Furthermore if there are 2 users who see the proof of payment and make payment transactions at store A, then user 1 also gets a kickback bonus This benefit can be felt by users, because of the role of blockchain technology that is capable of recording digital footprint of the 2 users. And also can not be separated from the role of the Sessia team who managed to establish cooperation with the A store. But in this case, Sessia also does not require its users to share all available proof of payment transactions. This step is done because Sessia respects and protects the privacy of its users.

This collaboration can be established because of the embedded belief of the partners, that Sessia is a future e-commerce that can bring a number of benefits systematically and professionally. The financial system contained in Sessia is also designed in such a way as to produce a sophisticated and trusted transparency system. This service at least makes the sellers more enthusiastic in offering a number of items. Sessia services also depend not only on the sale of goods, but also on the number of services offered. For example, such as beauty treatments on the counter. In making payment transactions, Sessia uses a QR Code system to verify.


Various kinds of advantages possessed by Sessia. Proving that Sessia is ready to engage in the world of international digital commerce.

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Source: Crypto New Media

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